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What is webControl CMS?

webControl CMS is a 100 % Java-based Web standards and built on open source technologies, which by its open and flexible, adapts easily to different types of projects, bearing in mind the usability, accessibility and security. With webControl CMS you can manage, in a unified manner, information for different channels and devices, from one or several web sites.

  • A content management solution for large companies and public entities

    Customers such as El Corte Ingles, Bankia or EDP trust webControl CMS thanks to its high integration, high reliability to user requirements and flexibility to be implemented in clustered and virtualized.

  • Unified content management for multichannel dissemination of information

    Expose the information managed in a unified way on different channels (mobile apps, social networks and connected TV) thanks to the integration capabilities and the availability of specific native apps providing webControl CMS.

  • Universal access to information from any device

    By using standards, adaptive design and the integration of web services layer that provides webControl CMS will have access to information from anywhere and in an appropriate manner to each device.

New version 3.2! Now available, with new features and major improvements. See the table of requirements and specifications and characteristics of each of the available editions.

Multiportal management

With webControl CMS you can manage multiple websites in a centralized way and share content, images and documents between different portals, while maintaining the necessary independence. In addition, you can create new portals completely autonomously and customize the design, style and function of each.

Multichannel and multidevice

A solution that will unify control and distribute the information to other channels completely transparent to the user. Thanks to native apps developed specifically for webControl CMS and its service layer can distribute content across the web, social networks, mobile applications and connected TV.

Based on standards

webControl CMS is based 100 % on Java and open source technologies widely accepted by the community facilitating its development and evolution. By using web standards is also generating accessible and SEO optimized to ensure an accurate representation regardless of the browser used websites achieved.


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What characteristic values over a CMS?

  • El Corte Inglés
  • DIA
  • Bankia
  • Isolux Corsán
  • Banesto

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Based on open source standards and the latest web technologies

  • W3C
  • Open Source
  • Java
  • Apache Software Fundation
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3