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Basic features

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Among other features, the content editor of webControl CMS can work with the following elements:

webControl CMS such as content management, has several modules that allow to carry out the complete management of a website.

In its most basic configuration, the content manager comprises:

Managing users and user groups

The decentralization of responsibilities to manage the contents of a website allow information to be updated more frequently and effectively, for it webControl CMS, through managing users and groups to assign permissions to a user accurately and easily.

webControl CMS simplifies management of users with common permissions using groups thus can assign permissions to an entire department of your organization in one step without going one by one.

Each user has a personalized menu, based on the permissions that have been granted to manage each of the sections of the website.

Navigation management structure

The backbone of any website is the navigation tree and webControl CMS can manage entirely through management module structure that allows you to:

  • Create new menu items.
  • Change the order of occurrence within the section or top-level point.
  • Specify the information to display on each.
  • Display, hide and move them by drag & drop actions.

Content editing

The webControl CMS WYSIWYG editor allows content creation offering all the features of a word processor or web editing tool (text, tables, images, fonts, styles, bonds, etc.) with complete freedom of customization. Create content "on demand" and use predefined templates to simplify your work.

Among other features, the content editor of webControl CMS can work with the following elements:

  • Pasting external content.
  • Fonts, bold, italic and predefined styles.
  • Font colors and background.
  • Text alignments.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists tabulations.
  • Full management of tables: borders, cells, rows, columns, combination and separation of cells, widths and heights in pixels and percentage.
  • Internal and external links.
  • Anchors.
  • Integration of images, documents, videos and other interactive elements.
  • Image mapping and integration of embedded objects.
  • Including widgtes (modules) webControl CMS (news, photo galleries, agendas, multimedia applications, ...)

Predesigned modules are a simple way to define a "premaquetación" by using templates that facilitate content creation tasks like the ability to use the renovated surroundings preview to see how it will look and design information before publication.

The CMS generates webControl editor by default web content that meet the standards, so you do not have to worry about maintaining the accessibility of your website

Management of images, documents, videos and other resources

webControl CMS allows managing in a structured documents to be used as resources within the contents. You can include a description of each document, a cover image and keywords to facilitate the search process. Document management allows working with document versions to allow efficient updating of the documentation presented on the website.

Image management includes facilities for editing, thumbnail management (Thumbnails) and alternative and complementary data for compliance with accessibility standards.

The documentary management and image further includes:

  • Structuring into folders for easy storage and recovery, with possibility of moving folders and files using drag & drop functions.
  • Enter metadata and additional information.
  • Search for document metadata and keywords.
  • Publication of documents directly from the browser.
  • Document management and versioning to keep track of the various stages through which passed a document and the user and time it was updated.
  • Bulk upload files.
  • Control use of resources within the content and other elements of the portal.
  • Managing access permissions and the validity period of each resource.

Content publishing workflow

One of the great advantages of webControl CMS decentralized management is publishing information on web portals, allowing some users to edit or publish content according to the permissions that the administrator has granted.

Some features of Posted workflow are:

  • Web access from any computer.
  • Identification of users and personalized access only to those departments that can handle.
  • Management of user groups.
  • Preview content before publication.
  • Using profiles (generator, publisher, manager, etc).
  • Posted notifications via email or internal messaging system.
  • Defining appearance dates and expiration information.

webControl CMS maintains the traceability of contents, allowing always know who changed what and can return to a previous state time.


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Based on open source standards and the latest web technologies

  • W3C
  • Open Source
  • Java
  • Apache Software Fundation
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3