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A multiportal solution and multilanguage

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webControl CMS can act as a "content management platform" for multiple portals in an organized and safe maintaining the autonomy of each site retaining its own entity and functionalities manner.

Resources and information can be shared between websites to be reused without duplicating content for this webControl CMS has a centralized control that allows a single point of access for users, improving security and facilitating the monitoring of the contents. Sharing is the key to optimize resources and achieve the best results on the Internet.

One of the great advantages of multiportal management is the creation and management of new portals without technical intervention from the same tool, thanks to the wizard that incorporates, which also allows you to customize the design, style and function of each.

In addition, webControl CMS is a completely multilanguage solution thanks to the organization of information by tags. The creation of new languages is a simple and perfectly organized process, thereby maintaining navigation asymmetric structures in different languages, without having to translate the website entirely different languages.

User tools

  • Easy management architectures navigation symmetrical or asymmetrical of different languages every website
  • Multiportal management based on roles and access permissions for each user from a single instance webControl CMS
  • Wizard to create new personalized portals

Developer tools

  • A single instance for all languages of a web portal available
  • SEO optimized, each language has its own URL navigation
  • Each managed portal can be treated as a microsite within an existing portal or website as a fully autonomous with its own domain, hosting, database server, etc.

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Based on open source standards and the latest web technologies

  • W3C
  • Open Source
  • Java
  • Apache Software Fundation
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3