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  1. Legislation in Spain

Legislation in Spain

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In Spain, since 2002, there are several laws that define web accessibility standards that must be met government (central government, regional and local administrations, chambers of commerce, sports federations, universities, colleges, institutes, etc. .).

By Royal Decree 1494/2007, of 12 November, the Regulation on the basic access for the disabled to technologies, products and services related to information society and media services approved conditions.

Internationally, there are, for years, some international accessibility criteria applicable to websites that are listed in Accessibility Initiative Web (Web Accessibility Initiative) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). According to these guidelines, the Initiative Web Accessibility has identified three levels of accessibility: basic, medium and high, known as levels A, AA and AAA.

These guidelines have been incorporated into Spain through the UNE 139803: 2012. This standard supersedes the UNE 139803: 2004.

This royal decree specifies the degree of accessibility applicable to websites of the government or those with public financing for their development or implementation, establishing minimum mandatory compliance levels A and AA levels of that UNE .

Furthermore they are obliged to comply with those guidelines and levels of accessibility companies that provide services to the general public of special economic importance, including:

  • Companies with more than 100 employees.
  • Companies with an annual trading volume of over 6 million euros.
  • Companies providing any of these services: Electronic communications consumer.
    • Financial services
    • Water, gas, electricity supply
    • Travel agency
    • Passenger
    • Retail trade



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