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One of the features that a good CMS must have today is the ability to access information from virtually any channel, using any device, especially for smartphones and tablets.

Therefore webControl CMS provides out of the box, or what is the same, ready to use, a native app for smartphones and tablets for Android (4.0 and up) and iOS (6.0 and above) operating systems that integrates seamlessly with the content manager and allows a high level of customization to the needs of each project, both in appearance and functionality.

Native Android and iOS app

Thus, a suitable and optimized access of information is achieved, besides providing capabilities only available in these types of devices, such as:

  • Geolocation: Allowing adequate to show the exact location of the user content.
  • Push Notification: To inform the user about the existence of new content or services.
  • Augmented Reality: Attached to the geolocation, it offers a unique user experience and an entirely new way to access information.
  • Information collection: Through the phone's sensors such as GPS, the camera or microphone, which extends the capabilities of CMS webControl as manager of digital content.
  • Interaction with other applications: By leveraging the capabilities of mobile operating systems to interact and integrate with other applications on the device, such as phonebook or calendar events.

Each of these applications is available through stores corresponding applications (Google Play for Android and App Store in IOS) for download, either for free, or pay according to the needs and business requirements of each project.

Icono app Guadalajara An example of a recent case of success, the app developed for the Department of Tourism of the City of Guadalajara, which provides information to tourists and citizens on the various tourist services Guadalajara and geolocation functionality and augmented reality, both for the platform as iOS and Android available for smartphones and tablets.




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Based on open source standards and the latest web technologies

  • W3C
  • Open Source
  • Java
  • Apache Software Fundation
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3