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webControl CMS has many features for managing information, but thanks to its development framework and standards-based architecture allows adaptation to any requirements.

  • Cooperative and participatory environments
  • web standards (XHTML/HTML5, CSS 2/3)
  • Integration with other solutions (ERP, CRM, SGBD)
  • Specific types of information
  • On-line specialized services
  • Application servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, ...

WebControl framework architecture is designed based entrono about pillars:


Necessary for the future returns on two fundamental aspects: a gradual increase in functional capabilities and the universe of users and devices that make use of it.


The solution is based on standards that facilitate the development and integration with other systems, allowing to obtain a final solution based on the needs of the project effectively and productively. Together with the existence of layers of services facilitates integration with other developments.



The solution adapts to different sizes and types of project will also facilitate the incorporation of new products and features to it.


In the data processing performed, which it is backed by the high number of implementations of the framework.



Built from the first phase in order to protect information and systems, use, disclosure, disruption or unauthorized destruction, having successfully passed various safety audits and compliance with safety guidelines OWASP Top 10 project.


Based on a layered construction applications (presentation, service, business logic and data access).


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Based on open source standards and the latest web technologies

  • W3C
  • Open Source
  • Java
  • Apache Software Fundation
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3